James Nelson


Here's what I have been working on

Chords Visualizer

Guitar Chords Application

Chords Visualizer is my first major project. The purpose is to aid in the process of learning guitar. It accomplishes this by providing a visualization of the positions of chords on the neck. The idea came to me as I was begining to learn to play certain chords at different positions on the neck. During my learning process I searched for tools similar to this and found none, so here is my creation! It was created using HTML/CSS/JS(Jquery) and the chord information is stored in a JSON file.


CodePen Profile

CodePen is a great website that allows front end designers to share small projects and code snippits with others. I personally use this to create parts of a website like image gallerys, testemonial blocks etc. I have also used it to play with new ideas or complete school assignments. If you would like to see some of my practice work this is a great place to look.